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The New York Times bestseller, revised and updated for the 21st century

Your Money or Your Life

9 Steps

to Transforming Your Relationship

with Money and Achieving

Financial Independence

By Vicki Robin & Joe Dominguez

with Monique Tilford

“The seminal guide to the new morality of personal money management.”—The Los Angeles Times

your-money-or-your-lifeWhen Penguin Books first published YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE in 1992, the book struck a chord with readers who appreciated its message of how to live well for less. Oprah Winfrey raved, “This is a wonderful book. It can really change your life.” Penguin printed 600,000 copies of the book. A New York Times bestseller, YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE spent five years on the Business Week bestseller list and was translated into 10 languages. This new edition of YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE—featuring updated resources, an easy-to-use index, and anecdotes and examples particularly relevant today—arrives at a time of economic crisis, when many of us are struggling to pay mortgages and make car payments and pay off credit cards while simultaneously weathering layoffs and watching financial portfolios shrink.

YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE recognizes that many of us spend more than we earn. That sometimes making a living feels more like making a dying. That it may be easy to dislike your job, but hard to leave it. That money can fragment time as well as relationships with family and friends. YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE presents a road map to free ourselves from this money trap.

Vicki Robin and co-author Monique Tilford introduce the concept of “FI (financially independent) thinking”—Financial Intelligence, Financial Integrity and Financial Independence—and explore the nine steps to becoming a “FIer.” FIers have found that:

On average, people at all income levels lower their expenses by 25 percent—and most feel happier. They find that their relationships with their partners and children improve.

Money ceases to be an issue in their lives, and they finally have the intellectual and emotional space to take on issues of greater importance.

They retire their debts, increase their savings and are able to live happily within their means.

They increase the amount of their “free time” by reducing expenses and the amount of time on the job.

Many books about money assume your financial life functions separately from the rest of your life. YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE is about putting it all back together. The book accounts not just for earning, spending, debts and savings, but also the time these functions take in your life. It also recognizes that your relationship with money is reflected in the sense of satisfaction and fulfillment that you get from your connection to your family, your community and the planet. Regardless of whether you are in debt $50,000 (or more) or whether you have substantial savings, you too can embark on the road to financial independence and finally begin to make a life, rather than just make a living.

About the Authors:

Vicki Robin has lectured widely and appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows, including “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” “Good Morning America” and National Public Radio’s “Weekend Edition” and “Morning Edition.” She has also been featured in People Magazine, The Wall Street Journal,  Woman’s Day, Newsweek, Utne Magazine  and the New York Times. Vicki has helped launch many sustainability initiatives including: The New Road Map Foundation, The Simplicity Forum, The Turning Tide Coalition, Sustainable Seattle, The Center for a New American Dream, Transition Whidbey and more. In the 1990s she served on the President’s Council on Sustainable Development’s Task Force on Population and Consumption.  Born in Oklahoma in 1945, Vicki grew up on Long Island and graduated cum laude from Brown University in 1967.

Monique Tilford has worked for nearly 20 years on sustainable consumption and environmental issues.  For ten years, she worked with the Center for a New American Dream, a national non-profit that helps Americans change the way they consume, serving most recently as the organization’s deputy director.  Prior to joining New Dream, Monique was Executive Director for Wild Earth and for the Carrying Capacity Network.  Monique has been promoting the principles outlined in Your Money or Your Life for over 17 years, as a public speaker, study guide group leader, and member of the New Road Map Foundation’s board of directors. She lives outside Washington, DC with her husband and two young daughters.

Joe Dominguez (1938-1997) was a successful financial analyst before retiring at the age of 31. He and Vicki co-founded the New Road Map Foundation.