Letters from readers of the first edition

“For the first time in my life I’m not burdened by trying to succeed and climb anyone’s ladder to the top.” — B, Maryland

“I am following the ‘nine steps to FI’ and it is working. In the last ten months I have saved $12,000, paid off a $2,000 debt, happily cut my expenses in half (painlessly), and assumed greater responsibility for my health.” — G, Michigan

“This is the first way of looking at money and life values that has ever made sense to me…”– T, New Mexico

“Now that we have read your book we realize that we had reached the top of our enjoyment curve and were beginning the quick descent downward. We believe we have caught ourselves at a critical point – before buying the fancy cars and the showpiece house with the high mortgage, before selling our souls.” — J, California

“Most pleasing of all, my ‘nest-egg’ money is leaping and growing and expanding merrily like a happy fungus, without stock-market speculation or risky investments.” — A, Panama

“All I know is I seem to have more money to do the things I REALLY want to do.” — B, California

“I found your book (it found me?) at the perfect juncture in my young life (I’m 25). After only 3 months on the FI [financial independence] Program my spouse and I are out of debt and have tripled our savings (on a grad student salary, no less!!).” — J, Oregon

“This book worked for me where others failed because it helped me see what I really want for my life and how to get it – and it took a lot less money than I ever imagined.” — L, Washington

“I decreased or eliminated my debts so that when there was a temporary layoff at my job I welcomed the additional time off while others were in a financial panic.” — L, New Jersey

“I was previously a full-time career woman in a very stressful and demanding field. Now I’m a stay-home mom of a preschooler. I spend my time enriching the lives of those I care for and learning new skills to become more self-sufficient.” — S. Washington

“It’s amazing how our savings are beginning to ‘pile up’ now that we’ve applied the fulfillment questions to our spending.” — L, Illinois

“We finally feel like the world makes more ‘sense.’ As 20-somethings we have been incredibly frustrated with ‘the job market’ and ‘the world’ in general. We had a hunch that everything we’d been taught growing up (the 80s) was wrong; your book finally explained why and showed us a way out.” — J, Washington


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