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The Power of Enough
How Much is Enough? Of Anything? And How do you Know?

Next 5-week Class with Your Money or Your Life author Vicki Robin
begins September 13, 2010

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“You can never get enough of what you don’t really want.” Eric Hoffer

“When you let go of trying to get more of what you don’t really need, it frees up oceans of energy to make a difference with what you have.” Lynne Twist

Can you say with any certainty…

  • How much is enough – of anything?
  • How you know when you have enough?
  • How you can have enough – for life?
  • Once you have enough – of anything – what happens next?

Vicki Robin, coauthor of the international bestseller, Your Money or Your Life, can teach you to know the freedom, power and pleasure of “enough” – for life.

You can have enough for life – and not too much of anything. Whether it is too much to do, too much stuff, too many obligations, too much stress, too many hours spent on what doesn’t make you happy – you can have that Goldilocks feeling of “just right.”

Having “enough” is a true road to contentment, but how do you know when you’ve arrived? The answer is: you learn a new framework for “enoughness” and tools for living there.

What happens in the How Much is Enough? Of Anything? class

  • This is a teleclass. You only need a phone to participate – so you can dial in at home, in a park or even on the bus. You can participate from anywhere in the world using Skype,
  • Classes are 75 minutes, from 5:15-6:30 PM PST, every Monday from September 13 to October 11.
  • Classes include lecture, small group dialogue, question and answer, insight, humor and ease.
  • Classes are dynamic, interactive, informative and inspiring.
  • Just $95 gains you access to the classes and the community – and to Vicki’s “wit and wisdom” about “enoughness.”
  • If you miss a class, the recording and week’s practices are on our private groupsite to download or listen on the web.

What will you learn?

  • How we got to a place of “too much” – wanting, getting, having and doing what doesn’t make us happy.
  • What your enough point is?
  • The Eight Principles of Enough
  • Where to look to know when you’ve hit your enough point.
  • Twelve+ Practices that help you stop at enough rather than plowing on, once again, into “too much.”

And you will do all this with an attitude of curiosity and kindness as you shed- without any sense of loss, guilt or shame – unnecessary spending, responsibilities, commitments and worry – and return to the freedom, power and pleasure of “enough”.

Participants say:

Vicki’s warm, inviting style creates a setting to address what is often off-limits. And the material is well presented, profound yet accessible, and immediately practical.

The class created an opportunity for me to reflect on the relationship between what I value, what choices I make about my time, how satisfying or not these choices are, and what I might do differently.

This material is normally covered in a weekend workshop costing anywhere from $100 to $195 just for tuition. Travel, room and board can double or triple that. Attending the teleclass saves you all these expenses, plus the weeks between the classes you can test drive the teachings in your own life, and get your questions answered.

Not sure? The first class is actually free

Click here to join the first class free to see if you want to take the rest of the series. This introduction serves as a jumping off point for those going on to the 5-week class,  but it is complete in of itself, with plenty to learn and plenty to practice.  If you sign up after the first class, the cost is $110 for the series, so signing up before September 14 saves you 20%. Would you like to Sign up now for $95?

Participants in the free classes say:

…your approach makes it very easy to go from the abstract to the personal in a hour. You take all the work out of digesting the theory and give folks the teachable moment – they see the issue and want to hear where to take it. “

“…personable, interactive, thought-provoking, short, sweet and concise–chock full of practical, useful information. Perfect foundational conversation. . .”

  1. Vicki, this class sounds good and I am interested, but I’m wondering about confidentiality… ? This gives me pause, given the “opportunities for growth” I have right now.. (smile)…

    It’s thrilling to see you doing well… I love it! Just went through cancer surgery with my daughter-in-law this week…. I’m so glad you’re taking care of yourself…. !

  2. Several last year – including you China – asked about a downloadable version of the enough class. this year i will do that. you can sign up and listen later and still have acccess to the community and information on the groupsite. y’all come.

  3. Hi Vicki. Could you make the teleclasses downloadable for those of us who can’t make the live recording?



  4. Hi Vicki:

    I would like to have these teleclasses downloadable also.

  5. Hi Vicki ~

    I’d love to have them downloadable as well. Are you willing?

    Thanks ~

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