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Conscious Money Speakers Series

Join some of the top money authors, speakers, thinkers and activists in this weekly teleclass series. Like a private radio show or an exclusive conference, the teleclass series will give you an opportunity to dialogue with my guests, really digging deep into the topic and hearing off the cuff answers. The line up is astonishing.

The series has started but there are still a few seats left, discounted since you have missed the first two classes – but all the classes are recorded and available later for download.

January 11Free Class #1 of the Conscious Money Series from 5:15-6:30 PM PST with me, Vicki, explaining the three definitions of “conscious money”, the Your Money or Your Life definition of money and what you can expect from the line-up of speakers and the class series. To register for the whole Conscious Money Speakers Series, which begins with this free class, click here.

January 18Spencer Sherman, investment adviser, best-selling author on Transform Your Financial Life in 2010. Based on a profound, practical and proven method for understanding and making peace with money, Spencer will help the participants establish new pathways to achieving greater prosperity while experiencing less stress at a time when millions of Americans are consumed by fear and uncertainty about their future financial and emotional well being.

January 25John deGraaf, award winning filmmaker (Affluenza, Running Out of Time) on Taking Back your Time. John is a “time activist” because running out of time means we are running out of family and caring and rest and community service – and running ragged. Learn why and how to “take back your time.”

February 1 – Bill McKibben, author, leader of the grassroots on Building Community Economies. “Our idea of what constitutes “the economy” is quickly shifting–from some giant globalized abstraction to something close to hand and very real. Let’s talk about how that is happening, what it means, and how you could help.”

February 8 – Trent Hamm, author of one of the best simplicity and frugality sites, The Simple Dollar. Every day Trent Hamm’s blog, The Simple Dollar, has clear, intelligent and practical advice about how to manage your life and money and time better. He’s our favorite source of frugality advice – and may be yours as well.

February 15Alisa Gravitz, leader of Green America for ~20 years, on From Greed to Green. Some people talk about what ought to happen. Alisa’s class will reveal the steps by which our bottom line can shift from greed to green. Alisa has a special capacity to put big ideas into simple words – and inspire.

February 22 David Korten, author, speaker and re-framer of the highest order on Agenda for a New Economy. The framework for a New Economy is designed to bring humans into balance with Earth’s biosphere, equitably share the wealth of our common human heritage, and make democracy a living practice. You’ll understand why the economy doesn’t work, how it can and what you can do.

March 1 – Brent Kessel, investment adviser and author of It’s Not About the Money, on Heal Your Money Karma – curtailing desire and cultivating balance and clarity. 

March 8Olivia Mellan, author, teacher, psychotherapist and money coach on  Moving toward Money Harmony in Turbulent Times. The way we use our money either reflects our deeper values – or conflicts with them . Olivia will help us understand – and heal – our money styles, our childhood messages and vows, our gender differences, couples polarization and more. You’ll learn now to destress and transform your money patterns.

March 15Victoria Castle, author, coach, comedienne on Viral Abundance – Embodying a new Collective Story. Our unexamined stories and habits, our obsession with financial reports and predictions can all collapse our generative capcity to create a rich future. Victoria teaches how to actually “reset” your nervous system when you clench up – and be centered even in challenging times.

March 22 Lynne Twist, fundraiser, author, speaker on The Soul of Money for Transformational Times. Lynne will share a key secret about money — the one thing you need to know which will change forever the way you view, attract, and use money.

March 29Hazel Henderson, futurist, visionary on Promoting Climate Prosperity by Growing the Green Economy. Climate Prosperity turns the economic debate about “costs to the fossil fuel sectors” to the financial savings, returns and benefits to society and the environment of all the private sector investments in wind, solar, renewables and efficient infrastructure. the global green economy is expected to top $1 trillion 2010, $10 trillion by 2020. Learn how.

April 5John Robbins, speaker, author, great dad on The New Good Life: Living Better Than Ever In An Age of Less (Pub date May 2010). Who is a “success?” A person with money? Or a creative loving and balanced person?   Thinking of success just as making a lot of money actually leaves us impoverished – which is why we need a new vision of the good life.

Anne Ellinger of and Dave Batker of both agreed to also offer classes in this series, dates still TBD.

Every attendee can submit questions for the guest, who will design their talk around you – your interests, your needs for vision, hope and good information. There will be ample time for discussion. You can stick around for the Bonus 15 minute Conversation Cafe when you can share what’s bubbling with a small group of other attendees. After the class you will want to follow each speakers work as you work out your own relationship with money and your understanding of the global economy and what we can do to change it.

It is $79 for your “ticket” to all 12 classes, but since it has begun we are offering a 10% discount. Click here to register.. Attend as many as you want or receive links to the recordings of those you missed.

  1. I am not a business person, or schooled in finance, but over years of reading and thinking, I find there are at least four fundamental flaws in our current economic models which have resulted in the lethal crisis we experience today.

    First, the world is massively interconnected. From the deepest physics to the deepest metaphysics, the world is understood to be connected. Yet our economic system assumes all the parts are absolutely separate, in competition, to sink or thrive on it’s own. Competition denies the connection, and cooperation is actually illegal, and denigrated as “socialism”. This ignorance is now lethal and the root cause of the bankruptcy and bubble collapse we are now enduring.

    Second, the world is non-linear, highly feedback, and chaotic. All the economic models are linear, which assumes that tomorrow will be pretty much like yesterday. The fact that only linear equations were really solvable until recently, is part of the issue, but linear models leave the system unprepared for the non-linear expressions, like currency crashes or natural disasters. It is difficult to plan and prepare for such events, but prudent to consider them.

    Third, money is an abstraction of real value, of no worth in itself. Hawkins, Lovins, and Lovins, in “Natural Capitalism”, identify real wealth systems as natural, social, and infrastructure. We have extracted wealth from these real systems, and concentrated the fiscal distribution to the point of destabilizing all life on the planet. Any investment in the real wealth systems will probably NOT generate a fiscal return.

    Finally, financial planning has to recognize that the American economic empire peaked almost 40 years ago. This can be marked by two events. First, domestic oil production peaked, so we lost control of the price of oil, giving rise to OPEC. Second, the dollar was cut loose from gold, beginning decades of devaluation. We have shifted from a world lender to a world debtor, yet still spend resource on the trappings of empire.

    I am very interested to hear what the speakers present, and will be listening from the perspective of the four points above.

    Thanks for organizing this.

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