Hope Beneath our Feet; essays of hope in hard times

Today is the launch of  Hope Beneath our Feet, a compilation of essays gathered by Martin Keogh. Click that link and you can get it for a deep discount. I think you’ll want it, and not just because tucked among many luminaries is the essay Martin requested of me about two years ago. It’s called Letter from the Future. Here’s a link to one place it’s posted on the web. He asked us all to write to the question: In a time of environmental crisis, how can we live right now? Continue reading


EPA Webinar, “Saving Money, Saving the Earth”, now posted

The “Saving Money, Saving the Earth” webinar free audio/video is now posted on the EPA’s website.

The direct link to the video is: http://www.epa.gov/region10/videos/enough-for-life-08192010.wmv.

I’ve gotten video and audio to work on my PC but only audio on the Mac (i’m a newbie to Macs). I hope it works for you as it is one of my best renditions of the “Whole Enchilada” of my teaching. Which, by the way, is the new name for my “everything rolled into one” class:

Money, Happiness and Enough: the Whole Enchilada.

It is a 6-week course starting September 27, with my teaching and guests like John Robbins and few more surprises.

Three sad money tales just yesterday

As I was planning my feast of free classes this coming week, all designed to give yo tools, perspectives and strategies for hope and resilience, I had occasion to talk with three friends and was deeply impacted by their stories. Each had a tale of serious financial woe. And until they revealed it, I would not have guessed.

One friend got stuck in the real estate crash, had to do a short sale of a rental house that was to be her long term nest egg and now is filing for bankruptcy.

Another, while trying to do something good for the world, stumbled into a work situation with a sociopath (you’ve had them yourself, no?) Continue reading

The Power of Enough; How Much is Enough? Of Anything?

Just sent out an email to my list about The Power of Enough; How Much is Enough? Of Anything? If you didn’t get it, you’re not on my email list and you can sign up by clicking the link at the top of this site. It’s huge. You can’t miss it. You can listen in to the first class free, but I’m giving a nice discount to those who sign up before that.

Speaking of Enough, I’m doing a 10 Mile Diet in September. Say what? 10 miles? I’m blogging at http://www.10milediet.wordpress.com if you are curious. It’s an experiment in hyper-local living. Continue reading

I like a good bargain as much as the next girl you might date

“Smart SWF looking for a good bargain. Are you the one?” Interested? According to ING Direct and eHarmony, you might be.

When ING Direct Bank asked 1000 people what they’d think of a blind date described as frugal, only “3.7 percent answered “sexy,” while 15 percent picked “boring” and 27 percent chose “stingy.””

Back when we wrote Your Money or Your Life we tried valiantly to redefine frugal as cool. A “high joy to stuff ratio.” Even though frugality is a non-starter in the dating scene, ING discovered that “smart” is attractive. The NY Times article on the subject goes on to say “EHarmony also crunched the numbers on 30 million matches Continue reading

Back to the future with Your Money or Your Life

One more post before bed… To those who attended the EPA webinar, didn’t we have a grand time? It’ll be posted soon so the rest of you can join in. I’m glad to be teaching straight up YMOYL again.

It’s no news to you that we are in a persistent Recession. Calling it “double dip” makes it sound like ice cream but honest interpreters (from Paul Krugman to the Federal Reserve to name two) now admit we could be headed for deflation. No time like the present to once again encourage masses of people to use the 9-step program to clean financial house and put up some savings at the rate that farmers put up vegetables for the winter.

Consider my re-emphasis on Your Money or Your Life 9-step program to be Canning Lessons – how to grow and store money to have the security of enough and the happiness of freedom.

As you can see with the new teleclasses, Continue reading

Does wealthy make wise?

Since we’re talking about happiness (on this blog and in the Happiness 101 course this Fall) I wanted to share a snippet from Jurriaan Kamp of Ode Magazine: There is much that the West can learn from the rest (of the world). … For one thing: People in challenging circumstances in developing countries are focused on solutions. They are creative and constantly find new ways to improve their lives. As a reader recently wrote on odemagazine.com: “Too many people in industrialized countries are losing hope. Continue reading

Free Webinar * How Much is Enough *

On August 19 (coming right up) I’ll be doing a talk/free webinar at the Environmental Protection Agency in Seattle. You can sign up for the free webinar free here. And here’s the promo:

ENOUGH FOR LIFE: The “Your Money or Your Life” approach to living well within your (and the earth’s) means

Join us for a free webinar on Thursday, August 19, 2010 from noon to 2 pm (Pacific)! Continue reading

Numbers and how we feel about them

As loyal readers know. Your Money or Your Life (YMOYL) was selected by my publisher, Penguin, as one of their 75 all time great books to celebrate their 75th anniversary. Yay.

As you may know from looking at my 65th birthday picture in a prior post, I’ve lost weight. Yay. But it now bounces around in a 3 pound range and this morning’s bounce was up. Boo.

At the point of reissue in 2008, Your Money or Your Life was in the top 100 on Amazon. Yay. Continue reading

Money & Life – the movie

Three years ago Katie Teague came to my apartment (while I was recovering from cancer and it shows…), making a film about Money & Life. Here’s a trailer for the film, followed by an excerpt of her interview with me. It looks like a very important film for these time… as our faith in the money system erodes. Consider donating! And consider signing up for the KickStart teleclass for support in transforming your own relationship with money.



This child mesmerized by flowers in a meadow speaks of real wealth to me.