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December 8, 2012: If you live on Vashon Island, Amy Morrison and I are hoping to gather foodies and farmers and food activists that evening for a conversation about strengthening regional food systems. Contact her if you want an invite.

December 11, 2012: If you live anywhere you can join the Transition US free webinarHyper-Locavoring – when I will share my discoveries from my 10-mile diet which led me to the idea of “relational eating” (eating closer to home) and a passion for “complementary food systems” – revitalizing regional agriculture so we might have far more of our daily fare locally grown. Through it all, I restored my hope and deepened my sense of belonging. It’s going to be rich. Please join me.

December 14, 2012: If you live in Puget Sound join me for an inspiring event at the Whidbey Geodome housed in the Earth Portal Exhibit Hall at the Seattle Center.
Reception 6:30 pm, Talk – 7:30 pm. Tickets: $15. The Whidbey GeoDome show Earth Portal: A Guided Tour of the Universe and Our Place in It is included. Space is limited. RSVP to reserve tickets:

What would it take for us to shift from anywhere eating to local eating? Resilient communities and resourceful people are transforming the way food is sourced, cooked and eaten so we can assure safe, fresh, fair, plentiful and nourishing food for all – however the political, energy and climate winds blow. This shift from industrial to relational eating, though, will rattle many structures: our preferences and habits, our disconnection from community, our social agreements about money and property and more. In her forthcoming book, Blessing the Hands that Feed Us Vicki shares her adventures in hyper local eating and explores how “local food” can scale up to make a difference in the big question of “How do we feed 9 billion people”?

January 29, 2013: I’ll speak at the monthly Transition Fidalgo Seventh Generation Feast in Anacortes, Washington. Contact them for more details.

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Blessings to you as we swing into the dark months of the year here in the far north. May this season of intimacy, family, reflection and gifting from the heart really nourish you body and soul,


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