Hope – in spite of it all * Grad Speech Antioch

Antioch Graduation Speech on Hope in Spite of it All

June 2012

Thank you for selecting me as your graduation speaker, and congratulations on your success. In my short time today I want to say why – even with a future as uncertain and discouraging as the one staring us in the face – I am filled with hope. Yes, we live in one of those times in history when the stakes are high and here’s reason #1 for hope: daunting assignments actually bring out the best in people. There’s no script for our times and in that is reason #2 for hope: In the absence of certainty, hope is sanity because it lets you move into the unknown as if life is rooting for you to succeed. How could it be otherwise?

Life itself is an ally, we don’t need to generate hope, and we just need to cooperate.  – and that’s reason #3 for hope. All living things get up each morning not knowing  what the day will bring, yet we go on mating and birthing, flowering and fruiting assuming the conditions for flourishing are always there to receive us. Continue reading