Daily Life as an object of meditation… grrr

The Your Money or Your Life telecourse started last night (you can still sign up) and I had the brilliant idea that I would tackle one of my daily life unconscious resource flows… mess. Mess isn’t clutter. It’s more like “dirt” combined with what my old housemates called “Vicki trails” – papers and dishes and things at the top of the stairs (for weeks) waiting to go down.

I can now testify to the power of the practices I assign to others. My mind is going crazy. Judgments. Promises to be good – later. Defiance. Wheedling. I say “daily life” is a perfect object of meditation. Isn’t meditation for calming the mind? Of course, but achieving “calm mind” in the face of irritated mind, that’s the fast track to ultimate peace. Okay to calm on the cushion, but calming in daily life. Whew.

So I do invite you to join in this powerful ride to mastery of your daily muddle – to liberate all that energy for the loving and serving that is at the top of all our real and honest lists.

And what’s the point of all our meditating anyway? To be steady in the midst of it all. You’d agree that the “it all” is heating up, in both thrilling and terrifying ways. We live in times of change. Egypt shows up that all is not lost even when what oppresses seems so solid it will never move. Climate disturbances show us that none of us escapes the consequences of our collective choices, even with all the money and influence we may have.  I really believe clearing out the obstructions to our capacity to be awake and resourceful is a crucial task and great service.

So again, I unabashedly encourage you to join in this 7-week ‘crash course’ in not crashing but staying the course.  Click here to do so.


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