Sign up now: Healthy Money Summit 1/24-27

Hello all my blog readers – this needs immediate action! Many people on a conscious path find that money is one of their most challenging areas to deal with. That’s why I’m delighted to be a featured speaker for a free online event called the Healthy Money Summit.

Join me the week of January 24-27th and learn from leading authors and leaders on how you can create a healthier, happier, more productive relationship with money and, culturally, how we can transform our relationship with money as well.
Click here to learn more.

Hosted by me, Vicki Robin, bestselling author of Your Money or Your Life, the Healthy Money Summit will feature luminaries such as Riane Eisler, Lynne Twist, John Robbins, Satish Kumar, Hazel Henderson, David Korten, Alisa Gravitz, and many more notable authors, thinkers and leaders.

With so much fear and confusion about the economy and record unemployment levels across the U.S., we truly need to create a new relationship with money that brings renewed hope for our communities.

During this free four-day telesummit, you’ll learn all about:

* Earning and spending habits that liberate your time and passion for your real life’s work
* Investment strategies that favor the triple bottom line and sustainable business practices
* How to practice the state of being that favors generosity and sharing over hunkering down
* New currencies that favor connection and community over hoarding and lack
* New economies that favor Main Street over Wall Street, and prioritize community well-being as the new bottom line
* Developing a new money spirit of “enough for all,” rather than “winner takes all”

A healthy economy, healthy habits and healthy attitudes toward money are possible; and the speakers in this series will reveal their latest insights and wisdom on how we can create a better financial future for us as individuals and as a collective whole.

You can participate live on as many calls as you like and interact with both the featured leaders and other participants via the state-of-the-art MaestroConference platform, which will connect you to participants from around the world.

Join me for the Healthy Money Summit, and let’s transform our relationship with money! Click here to register now.

Warm regards,
Vicki Robin

P.S. Please share this invitation with your friends and allies! All of us working together can create a shift toward more healthy ways of relating to money. Click here to learn more.

P.P.S. The Healthy Money Summit provides free, live access to the following luminaries:

Riane Eisler, Lynne Twist, John Robbins, Liz Pulliam Weston, Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne, Helena Norberg-Hodge, David Korten, Stacey Tisdale, Hazel Henderson, Alisa Gravitz, Bernard Lietaer, Judy Wicks, Satish Kumar, Catherine Austin Fitts, Rob Hopkins, Woody Tasch, Vicki Robin, Nipun Mehta, Betsy Taylor, John DeGraaf, Edgar Cahn, Anne Ellinger, Jay Walljasper.

Co-sponsors include:

The American Sustainable Business Council, CSRwire, Global Sufficiency Network, MaestroConference, The Shift Movie, The Shift Network.


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