Blessing the Hands that Feed Us

Would you believe I just made a deal to write a new book – on food?

What does food have to do with money? Everything, really, because both “feed” us what we need to survive, though money is one step removed and buys more than a full belly.

Also our relationship with food and our relationship with money have so much in common – cultural assumptions, personal psychology, trying to fill spiritual needs materially, capacity for conscious choice. It is no wonder I’ve turned my attention to a book on transforming our relationship with life energy of the food sort. It is called  BLESSING THE HANDS THAT FEED US. You can read the blog about the experiment that  inspired me to write this book.

Have you given some thought to your relationship with food. Are you a foodie? Slow food. Organic food. Local food. Grow your own food. Are you a Vegetarian? Vegan? Omnivore? Do you shop farmers markets or Costco, and why? Is your food bible a cookbook or a diet book or a policy book (like Stuffed or Starved or Omnivore’s Dilemma)?

Are you a food fanatic – full of certainty about the right way to eat? If this is the case, please hold your comments – there are other blogs where you can offer your views.  But if you, like me, are simply curious about the hands that feed you and the food you eat – where it comes from, how it arrives at our table, the costs involved in that, the food policies that have everything to do with what and how we eat, food sovereignty, food justice, our food customs, food security movements, food sanity, the beauty and blessing of food itself, and how we can live well once more within the means of our regions without so many apples and grapes and sides of beef circling the world in container ships and cargo planes, I’d love to at least get your favorite links to sites and data and stories.

One intention I have, as with Your Money or Your Life, is to clear away the fog and confusion that disempower us in relation to the simple act of lifting a fork to our mouths, savoring food on our tongues and letting what slides down our gullets actually transform itself into us… and into a life we love. There are so many “right” ways to eat – to lose weight, to bulk up, to be energetic, or healthy, or moral, to be minimalists or gourmets – that we have lost our confidence in ourselves as eaters and in our bodies. I am also curious about how food became such an antisocial, solitary act – in the car, grazing at the fridge, starving ourselves in public and gorging in private – and long to have food be a shared celebration of nourishment and life.

So today is the first day of a year of writing and reading and talking to folks and sticking my hands in the dirt and, oh yes, eating as close to home as I deliciously can.

Bon Appetit.


3 thoughts on “Blessing the Hands that Feed Us

  1. Wow that was such great “Food for thought”… Sorry I had to make a joke! I am glad you are wanting to explore the issue which is very important for LIFE which is both for Humanity and all of nature to continue in a more sustainable way. With the “Food Safety” S. 510 Bill out of the gate and being heavily talked about and many concerns about our future of food you have perfect timing! Here are three local links to share with you. One is Earth Dance which is out of Ferguson MO (puported to be the oldest Organic Farm in the state) & the other is Old Ferguson West Community Garden which I started helping with I think that we somehow most of America is stuck in a drive through @ McDonalds and we forgot where food comes from. Sadly the Victory gardens for the Most part have left us. They are slowly being renewed in various forms.
    As others have stated we must put the Culture back in AgriCulture because it has been hijacked by big AgriBusiness! One last link is the Ferguson Farmer’s Market: ( #1 Missouri’s Favorite Market & #18 America’s Favorite Market!) If you want to speak with me personally I would be glad to help since I have more details to share about this issue which is near and dear to my heart! Food is Life! Written from another person who’s read your first book and was changed for the better! Thanks to you and beloved Joe!


  2. How exciting! I can’t wait to read your book. I believe that food is extraordinarily important for our wellbeing and the wellbeing of our planet. What we eat becomes one with us. Why wouldn’t we select only the best, freshest, and most wholesome food to eat? I think the problem (based on personal experience) is a combination of the need for convenience, our addiction to sugar and fat, availability to harmful foods, and lack of education (we need cooking to be a core subject in school). So much change is needed, but a little goes a long way. Thanks for taking up the cause!

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