Blessing the Hands that Feed Us

Would you believe I just made a deal to write a new book – on food?

What does food have to do with money? Everything, really, because both “feed” us what we need to survive, though money is one step removed and buys more than a full belly.

Also our relationship with food and our relationship with money have so much in common – cultural assumptions, personal psychology, trying to fill spiritual needs materially, capacity for conscious choice. It is no wonder I’ve turned my attention to a book on transforming our relationship with life energy of the food sort. It is called  BLESSING THE HANDS THAT FEED US. You can read the blog about the experiment that  inspired me to write this book.

Have you given some thought to your relationship with food. Are you a foodie? Slow food. Organic food. Local food. Grow your own food. Are you a Vegetarian? Vegan? Omnivore? Do you shop farmers markets or Costco, and why? Is your food bible a cookbook or a diet book or a policy book (like Stuffed or Starved or Omnivore’s Dilemma)?

Are you a food fanatic – full of certainty about the right way to eat? If this is the case, please hold your comments – there are other blogs where you can offer your views.  But if you, like me, are simply curious about the hands that feed you and the food you eat Continue reading