Two wow’s from the NY Times

Wow one: The NY Times reported bankers using the D word. Depression.

Wow two: The NY Times is now blogging about frugality.

Wow one: On September 12 the NY Times used the “D” word. Depression. Not downturn. Not recession. Not banking crisis. Depression. They reported that:
Top central bankers and bank regulators agreed Sunday in Basel, Switzerland, on far-reaching new rules for the global banking industry that are designed to avert future financial disasters…of the kind that nearly plunged the world into depression in late 2008 depression.

Political leaders have been wary of the D word, not wanting to panic people. Now they can use it because our heroic politicians “averted” it. Hmmm. Really?

Wow two: The NYTimes has gotten into the frugality business. I hope this blog will be a reliable source for those kinds of daily financial decisions that bedevil us.


One thought on “Two wow’s from the NY Times

  1. I wondered how long the NYT would take to adding a frugal living blog to its roster. Their parenting blog, Motherlode, has been good, though the author usually plays it pretty safe. I see that the Bucks archive goes back pretty far, but the blog itself only came to my attention (via a friend’s email of an article) a few days ago. I wonder if Bucks is an old feature that’s just been rebranded?

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