Hope Beneath our Feet; essays of hope in hard times

Today is the launch of  Hope Beneath our Feet, a compilation of essays gathered by Martin Keogh. Click that link and you can get it for a deep discount. I think you’ll want it, and not just because tucked among many luminaries is the essay Martin requested of me about two years ago. It’s called Letter from the Future. Here’s a link to one place it’s posted on the web. He asked us all to write to the question: In a time of environmental crisis, how can we live right now?

Here’s a description of the book:

The environmental “tipping point” we approach is more palpable each day, and people are seeing it in ways they can no longer ignore—we need only turn on the news to hear the litany of what is wrong around us. Serious reflection, inspiration, and direction on how to approach the future are now critical.

Hope Beneath Our Feet creates a space for change with stories, meditations, and essays that address the question, “If our world is facing an imminent environmental catastrophe, how do I live my life right now?” This collection provides tools, both practical and spiritual, to those who care about our world and to those who are just now realizing they need to care. Featuring prominent environmentalists, artists, CEOs, grassroots activists, religious figures, scientists, policy makers, and indigenous leaders, Hope Beneath Our Feet shows readers how to find constructive ways to channel their energies and fight despair with engagement and participation. Presenting diverse strategies for change as well as grounds for hope, the contributors to this anthology celebrate the ways in which we can all engage in beneficial action for ourselves, our communities, and the world.


1 thought on “Hope Beneath our Feet; essays of hope in hard times

  1. Vicki, thanks for posting this. Below are a couple of quotes about the book:

    “This compelling and inspirational anthology raises a chorus of voices in defense of the earth. Hope Beneath Our Feet addresses the environmental problems plaguing our planet and the myriad forms of action each of us can take.”
    –Leonardo DiCaprio, actor and activist

    “With penetrating clarity (this anthology) takes us into the depths of our essential nature: our courage, brilliance, and resilience. We are called to take advantage of the greatest opportunity for conscious self-evolution the human species has ever been given. A real masterwork.”
    –Barbara Marx Hubbard, author of Conscious Evolution

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