The Power of Enough; How Much is Enough? Of Anything?

Just sent out an email to my list about The Power of Enough; How Much is Enough? Of Anything? If you didn’t get it, you’re not on my email list and you can sign up by clicking the link at the top of this site. It’s huge. You can’t miss it. You can listen in to the first class free, but I’m giving a nice discount to those who sign up before that.

Speaking of Enough, I’m doing a 10 Mile Diet in September. Say what? 10 miles? I’m blogging at if you are curious. It’s an experiment in hyper-local living. One market gardener started the ball rolling by asking for a volunteer to eat only what she can produce — veggies, eggs, 1-2 chickens — for a month. Crazy as I am, I said yes. There are a few essentials I’m negotiating for. I call them exotics. Like oil, salt and spices, caffeine. And I’m noticing that the bulk of my food will be easy and satisfying. I’m choosing to have Tricia’s 2 boxes a week be “enough.” All the angst is at the margins. Like what other ‘exotics’ can i not do without.

And that dear friends is the “enoughness” inner debate. Negotiating at the margins of life. Indulgences. Morality. Decisions. They all happen at the margins.

So come to the Enough class and see where you draw the line. And why. And whether it really works for you.


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