Back to the future with Your Money or Your Life

One more post before bed… To those who attended the EPA webinar, didn’t we have a grand time? It’ll be posted soon so the rest of you can join in. I’m glad to be teaching straight up YMOYL again.

It’s no news to you that we are in a persistent Recession. Calling it “double dip” makes it sound like ice cream but honest interpreters (from Paul Krugman to the Federal Reserve to name two) now admit we could be headed for deflation. No time like the present to once again encourage masses of people to use the 9-step program to clean financial house and put up some savings at the rate that farmers put up vegetables for the winter.

Consider my re-emphasis on Your Money or Your Life 9-step program to be Canning Lessons – how to grow and store money to have the security of enough and the happiness of freedom.

As you can see with the new teleclasses, I’m inviting you to several classes this Fall focused on the 9-step program in Your Money or Your Life. Two of the free classes, Intro to YMOYL and What Should I do with my money now?, are directly about money and how to make the most of it. The third, “The Whole Enchilada”, gives an overview of my V!RA Teleclass School’s courses on Enough, Happiness, Money… and Life. The KickStart class is just $49 and if you want-to/mean-to,/did-but-don’t-anymore, actually DO the program in Your Money or Your Life, you’ll get a kick in the butt to set up your systems, get going and get support to keep going.

The other classes on Enough, Happiness and Conscious Money (the Enough class enrollment is live, the rest tbd) are deeper (more personal) and broader (more systemic), but the Your Money or Your Life specific classes are practical and, in my view, very needed. They are like the First-Aid while the others are about healing.

Participants of KickStart will become part of a growing community of practice, learning more from one another than you will from me since the whole 9-step program is simply the warp of a loom onto which practitioners weave their intelligence and smarts. The community has stories to tell and tips to share that wow me – and help me keep going.

My sense is that some of you will eventually be trained to lead study groups and KickStart classes and that thousands of people will be more financially secure through participating in these offerings. There is already a great community of FI educators at and everything there is offered for free. If you are a self-starter and a self-keeper-going it’s there for the taking. But if you want to get a significant and guaranteed enlivening boost, take the KickStart class and then take the FI-program where you will.


2 thoughts on “Back to the future with Your Money or Your Life

  1. I have been reading your excellent materials for some time and send to my 3 sons and wives. I am now wanting to remember what the 9 steps are? How do I access them as I do not remember reading them or I would have made a copy. Thanks, Laara Shields

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