This is what 65 looks like

Okay, I can’t resist. Just turned 65, which has many benefits. The local movie is $2 off. It’s half off to take the ferry as a foot passenger. Medicare gives me twice the coverage as before – for half the cost. Beyond the financial, though, this cultural passage into “senior citizen” has me celebrating Life – as this photo taken at my birthday party celebrated with my improvisational theater troupe attests …I am simply grateful to be alive. Six years ago I had a 45% chance of even being here, according to the cancer docs.

I am also grateful that the artist and comedienne in me is having a go at running my life, and the entrepreneur is getting the freedom to start and run a business (the VeRA, Vicki Robin and Associates Teleclass School), even as the activist keeps on keeping on (now with the Transition Movement

So lift a glass with me and toast all of us shedding old skins … and putting on day-glo glitter.


8 thoughts on “This is what 65 looks like

  1. Happy 65th, Vicki!
    You look fabulous and I toast your wisdom, activism and sense of fun. What a role model! Rock on…

  2. Happy birthday, Vickie!!! You are a beautiful 65 and you are really living your life. Thanks for changing mine!

  3. Vicki, Happy Birthday! You are an inspiration! I love the photo and remember well celebrating your 40th with you.

    This is all good and a wonderful time for all of us, as you suggest, to shed those skins….

    Hugs and best birthday hugs

    Lots of love, Sue

  4. Very inspiring, Vicki!

    You look wonderful, look and sound happy, and also, as always, your life keeps moving with excitement. Congratulations!


  5. Beautiful! A toast to you and your wonderful transition for your friends at the Pachamama Alliance.


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