Inexplicably moved

Today I received a tote bag from Penguin, publisher of Your Money or Your Life. Our book (meaning the authors but also everyone who has helped it reach a large public) has been selected as one of the top 75 books Penguin has published in 75 years. You can even go on this website and vote for your favorite. Not to say you like Your Money or Your Life more than Moby Dick or Eat, Pray, Love or One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest– but you might.

The tote bag is printed with all the spines of all 75 books. Seeing Your Money or Your Life there among truly the literary stars almost got me crying.Life didn’t become more special than it was when i got the bag – quite different from how we lived when we wrote the book but now/still at the peak of fulfillment!  It just reminded me of the honor it is to be associated with this book and work. How hard we worked to write and publicize it. How hard people in Financial Integrity Associates worked to create a speakers’ bureau and support services. And most of all, how all of you used the program to change your lives in large and small ways.

Now when it looks to me like the economic challenges are in no way over I’m intending to do more Your Money or Your Life education to help the next raft of people increase both their security AND creativity so we all can weather the challenges ahead.

So this reinforcement comes just at the right time.

Please join me in this celebration of our stunning success.


One thought on “Inexplicably moved

  1. I’m so thrilled for everyone associated with creating Your Money or Your Life! Vicki, I am sending you a hug across the miles. Congratulations on this honor. — Carolyn

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