Turning sin into satisfaction – Vicki’s Pleasure Principle

Why did you buy that? Buy That? Buy that? Why?Yum!

Why indeed. What’s behind our consumer behavior – be it consuming stuff or websites or fads or cookies or the latest hot speaker (oops, would that be me?)?

We say: it was my color, I heard such good things about him/it/them, I was hungry/bored/curious, it was for my PhD research/husband/recipe. Yes… but… let’s look deeper. Could it be that we “buy” it because of very human yet rarely spoken about emotions. Like envy, gluttony or regret. She had one and I wanted one too. I can have whatever I want and you can’t stop me. How can I fix the past?

While these are hard to admit, they are also keys to happiness… by turning them on their heads, looking for the possibilities for pleasure within the pain. Ugh. Masochism? Nope, read on. Continue reading


This is what 65 looks like

Okay, I can’t resist. Just turned 65, which has many benefits. The local movie is $2 off. It’s half off to take the ferry as a foot passenger. Medicare gives me twice the coverage as before – for half the cost. Beyond the financial, though, this cultural passage into “senior citizen” has me celebrating Life – as this photo taken at my birthday party celebrated with my improvisational theater troupe attests …I am simply grateful to be alive. Six years ago I had a 45% chance of even being here, according to the cancer docs.

I am also grateful that the artist and comedienne in me is having a go at running my life, and the entrepreneur is getting the freedom to start and run a business (the VeRA, Vicki Robin and Associates Teleclass School), even as the activist keeps on keeping on (now with the Transition Movement http://www.transitionus.org).

So lift a glass with me and toast all of us shedding old skins … and putting on day-glo glitter.

Inexplicably moved

Today I received a tote bag from Penguin, publisher of Your Money or Your Life. Our book (meaning the authors but also everyone who has helped it reach a large public) has been selected as one of the top 75 books Penguin has published in 75 years. You can even go on this website and vote for your favorite. Not to say you like Your Money or Your Life more than Moby Dick or Eat, Pray, Love or One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest– but you might.

The tote bag is printed with all the spines of all 75 books. Seeing Your Money or Your Life there among truly the literary stars almost got me crying. Continue reading

John Robbins tells it like it is

John Robbins, a speaker in the Conscious Money Speakers Series recently wrote The New Good Life. One Chapter is in fact his recapitulation of Your Money or Your Life. Read the following interview in the U.S. News and World Report and get inspired all over agains:

U.S. News & World Reports interviewed me recently about my latest book, The New Good Life: Living Better Than Ever in an Age of Less.  They have so far run two short pieces, one on intergenerational childcare and one on recovering from financial loss. Continue reading