The Freedom of Enough

What’s in a name? After all, it’s the ‘thing’ not the ‘name’ that matters. But I discovered about the Discover your Enough Point teleclass (new one starting in March – Free Intro Class on Tuesday, February 23rd) that the title wasn’t getting to the point. It’s not just about having “enough”. It’s about the sense of liberation you get when you realize that you finally do have enough. You are then free to direct your life energy elsewhere. Whether it’s work or play, solitude of sociability, whatever was once a hunger can become a satisfaction. Once satisfied – and knowing it – you move on. The trouble of course is that so many people don’t recognize enough and don’t move on. We keep pursuing more – even when it ceases to really satisfy.

This is especially poignant now that the opportunity for indulging in “more than enough” is far less for many more people.  17% unemployment/underemployment means people neither have the where with all to overspend… nor the stomach for it. The savings rate is up to 5% – from 0% or less for half a decade – because we the people don’t know which way the market is going or where our jobs are going next. We finally understand all that string saving and economizing our grandparents did and tried to teach us to do. They knew the bottom could fall out. Now we do as well.

The opportunity of this moment is to notice that when we cease the pursuit of more than we truly need for a rich life, we relax. What wasn’t enough last week simply because we believed more would be better might be just enough this week. The stove, the car, the coat, the bathroom fixtures suddenly look just dandy. They work. Don’t look bad. Hmmm.

This isn’t easy. The human psyche is wired to mourn the loss of $100 more than it celebrates the gain of $100. Losing ground triggers a deep seated fear for our very survival. Gaining ground is just increasing the distance from demise.  It takes awareness and maturity and a sense of life’s bigger meaning to even want to grab the opportunity of enough.

So Enough really is freedom. It liberates the mind from the clench of fear. It liberates your time from the pursuit of what doesn’t bring you happiness. It liberates your heart from miserly doling out a few pennies of love, and lets you relax into enjoying all your relationships.

That’s why I’m trying out the FREEDOM OF ENOUGH.

But I need you. What do you think of this new title? Does it ring your chimes? Does it leave you flat? What else would you call this work of rightsizing our lives?


8 thoughts on “The Freedom of Enough

  1. I haven’t done your class – only just discovered you via the Women on the Edge of Evolution Teleclasses. For what it’s worth, however (which will be enough I’m sure ;-), I think The Freedom of Enough is a much more powerful and evocative name.

    Thank you for your work and passion.


  2. It’s a fine title, and a fine concept. I myself cannot think of a thing i really need, more than I already have. I also enjoy giving to a number of causes.
    But there is a problem. It seems to me the “enough” of those of us who are aware of this freeing concept is threatened by those who cannot get over the notion that they need “all.” I try not to worry about these types–those who believe they need the income of a medium-size country to reward their “abilities.” But I know that millions of decent people are suffering because of the greed of such egotists.

  3. FYI …

    Ironically today I read an interesting article about Mr Buffet. So they say, he lives an extremely unassuming life including living in a very modest home and driving a car that he says is worth $6,000. He makes huge contributions to people in need around the world. I guess he is known as “the budda” of the financial world.

    and btw … I did enjoy your song

  4. I think it’s perfect & we just need to keep hearing it. I need a constant reminder because……I have constant reminders….daily of those things screaming out for me.

  5. Hi Vicki,

    In my opinion the former title “Finding Your Enough Point” is more compelling for a course because it implies action. “Freedom of Enough” is more of a concept, rather than an action.

  6. PERFECT. Vicki, you are so right–it really is all about the freedom and once people get that, they will be so much more motivated to look at what they really do have (and not what they don’t have) and recognize their capacity for liberation from the “stuff” that holds them down. I love the new name!

  7. I’m liking the Freedom of Enough–it’s inspirational, and does imply that at some point you do have to figure out what the Enough Point is for you.

    That’s my personal journey this month–may stop working for money this year. Gulp! I need to focus on freedom, not on fear.

  8. Hi Vicki,
    Having read the other comments it occurred to me that sometimes we know what we need but since the messages around us are contrary to our knowing we don’t trust ourselves to act on what we know. I wondered about calling the course “The Freedom to Say Enough”. This gives permission to act on what you already know – and sadly, we often do need to be given permission to step outside the ‘norm’. Like Claire, I came upon your work through Women on the Edge, and want to say thank you for your inspiring ideas.

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