How far will I go for “enough”?

Well, pretty far. I don’t know if this will attract you to my Discover Your Enough Point course or send you running in the other direction, but out of curiosity I went looking on the web for a song i wrote and recorded ten years ago on the theme of “enough.” Okay, so I can’t really carry a tune without someone on the other end keeping it from tipping off key, but it’s at least C for courage and I hope you agree it’s A for awesome lyrics… and still true now.

Click here to listen (you need realplayer) and below are the words.

And the Discover Your Enough Point class has room for 5 more participants. It’s great information, revealing practices and comes right from my heart and soul and 64 years of living.  Click here to register.

I Have Enough, Do You?

By Vicki Robin

Excuse me sir, I know it’s impolite
But since kids are starving I thought I might
Just ask some folks to figure out rough
If they could possibly have enough
Sure more might be better but maybe it’s worse
Stuff taxes your serenity as well as your purse, so
Could you say as though it were true:

I have enough
I do,
I have enough,
do you?

Hello Mr. Buffet and Mr. Gates
I’m wondering if you could congregate
Billionaires like you who might have a few
More things than you’re needing and be needing nothing new
Since our forests are denuded and our waters are polluted
Could your fortunes be diluted and maybe contributed?
So would you say and have it be true:

I have Enough
I do
I have enough
Do you?

Excuse me Mrs. Bangaladeshi
I just have one very simple question
If you haven’t enough can we work together
If what I have will help you weather
Poverty and storms I’ll surely give
For you and your neighbors to love and live
So we all can say and know it is true:

You have enough
You do
You have enough
Yes you do

Hey everyone can you just guess
How we might live without the mess
Of some having lots, some having less
Let’s all have plenty but none excess
Forget lamb and lions lying down together
Can rich and poor learn to love each other
So we all can say and know it is true:

We have enough
We do
We have enough
We all do.


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