COP15 – Is the personal political enough?

Another big picture post from Brazil, now a hotel room in Rio headed home in a day.

Reading about the Climate Summit in Copenhagen and thinking about the roles of personal change (Your Money or Your Life) and community change (Transition Movement). COP15, as it is called, is debating what structural agreements and financial mechanisms all nations will agree to honor. The feasible is all too little too late. The necessary perhaps too far from the feasible to turn the tide. Whatever the agreements, though, in the end it is real people in real places that will have to make them stick – or adapt. That’s where Continue reading


GNH – what’s it to us?

Since John deGraaf did such a fine summary of the GNH conference, and those deeply interested can dig deeper here, I want to explore how GNH might translate to a US setting. It’s my “does it hoe corn” eye – what might it take for GNH to make a difference.

First, here are the gifts of GNH, what makes it a step beyond other efforts at making “well being”, not “economic activity” the express purpose of an economy.* First Continue reading

GNH – Summary by John deGraaf

While I’ve been on a wild goose chase here in Brazil to replace my stolen computer cable and now to replace my kaput memory chip, John deGraaf wrote an extraordinarily clear summary of the GNH conference on . He gives a summary of the Conference where we were both speakers as well as a summary of GNH and happiness studies and cultural adaptations around the world. Read it! It saves me a lot of background summarizing. Plus John is going to be a speaker in the Conscious Money Speakers Series hosted by moi and beginning in January 2010. Continue reading