GNH – lost in translation?

The title has two meanings. First, that my reporting will be distorted by my spotty capacity to absorb and understand a massive download of information plus all the background interpretive conversations. Second, that there is a rumble about the Western translation of the distinctly Bhutanese initiative. Continue reading


GPH- Gross effort at personal happiness

The next post will be the content of yesterday, the first day of the 5th International GNH conference. This one is about me demonstrating the principle of relative happiness. The idea is that we are happy with our lot until our neighbor gets a Lexus. Then our 10 year old Chevy looks like a hunk of junk. That’s what happened to me and my hotel. Continue reading

GNH… but what is happiness – actually?

I landed in Iguassu Falls some 24 hours after leaving home.  When you travel you have to surrender for if you try to control your destiny you’re in for a miserable time. After some confusion getting all the international travelers sorted out into hotels, a small group arrived at the Carima and, after a nap, headed off for Argentina! Sounded like a great adventure so I of course showed up for it. But our first stop was the biggest Duty Free store in the world and I got trapped there among voracious shoppers for an hour. The irony was not lost on me that this was how the Gross National Happiness conference began for me. Because what is happiness? Clearly there’s some agreement that it is shopping, but Continue reading

Gross National Happiness

In just a few hours I’m off to Brazil to speak at the 5th International Gross National Happiness conference… and I want to take you all with me. I’ll be blogging frequently as I deepen my own understanding of GNH and tell others how the Your Money or Your Life approach actually can help us all live happily within our collective means. Let me tell you more… Continue reading

The Wisdom of the Lazy Portfolio

Many fans of Your Money or Your Life are risk-averse and some have chosen not to have any involvement in the stock market at all.  Indeed, the first edition of Your Money or Your Life advocated that readers invest the majority of their money in U.S. Treasury Bonds.  But if you read the latest edition of Your Money or Your Life released in December 2008, you know that we Continue reading