A “Your Money or Your Life changed my life” story

A participant in the current Discover Your Enough Point class wrote this when he signed up:

Back in 1993 after I got out of college I got a job making good money and lived with my folks.  I blew every cent and just had fun!  I wouldn’t call it fast living but I sure didn’t keep anything extra around.

But a few years later when I went to go to grad school (And would get a huge bump in income when I was done) I realized how little I had to show for all my effort.   And I never wanted it to happen again. So in my last few months of grad school I read every book on money I could find.  Some were crazy (Day trading, commodities, etc) others simple common sense.

Thats when I read YMOYL.   While I really liked it I can’t say that it deeply moved me at that time I can’t.   The problem was, I was absent values.  I had not much in the way of higher purpose, etc. No presence, etc.

So I got a good job and this time saved plenty for a rainy day and retirement…and just spent the rest.  I got married, divorced, found and lost jobs, cars etc etc.

But somehow, through it all, I started to become conscious.  I started to develop a sense of right and wrong.  A sense of happiness and joy related not just to my present circumstances or the size of my TV.

And I made the decision to go to Africa and volunteer for a week.  And it changed my life.  I’m a Physician Assistant and seeing and treating the disease and poverty there was deeply stirring.

It helped me…well..develop values.  To see there was more to life then stuff.

And I reconnected with YMOYL through a funny serendipitous chain of events.  And wow.  Took to it like a duck to water.

Vicki, your (And Joe’s….I”m so sorry at his passing) work has helped me to change my life.

2 years ago I was in debt (post divorce) and aimless.

As of a few weeks ago I am debt free except mortgage with significant equity in my house.

And in 2-3 years I”ll be at “Semi-FI” a place where I can work part time  (I don’t want to give up the practice of medicine) and spend the rest of my time pursing my passions…volunteering, meditating and developing my self.

My life is simple but immensely satisfying in a way it never was before.  And Vicki, I don’t think I ever could have figured it out on my own.

I feel this letter does a poor job of expressing the depth of meaning your work has had.   Please just know how much it means.

Thank you.


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