How much is enough email?

Really now…even asking this question via email is absurd.  At the risk of one email too many, I want to tell you about the last free teleclass on “Your Enough Point.” It was a taste of things to come for those who take the 4-week class, Discover Your Enough Point (two classes, same content, one starting Saturday at 8 AM Pacific Time t’other at 5.15 PM Monday). Of course I’m hoping you join the class, but if not, here’s a tidbit from the free call. When I asked people to talk about the “too muchness” in their lives, email came up far more than debt or stuff.  I can relate. Both in sending and receiving. Monique and I have tried to gauge how often to post – enough to satisfy people who love what we have to say, but not too much for those who are overwhelmed by emails.

I think email overload is a new epidemic. Especially writing them, as I am now, after 10 PM. One 2007 study from the University of Campinas in Brazil concluded that “nocturnal computer use impairs good sleep”. Okay, I’ll go to sleep right after I finish this.

I also think it arises from the same source as over-eating, over-doing, over-debting, over-distractions – the epidemic, in my view, is too muchness. Living beyond your means psychologically, physically, intellectually, spiritually, financially. And the antidote is enoughness.

But the class isn’t all theory. We will do practical experiments to investigate without judgment what’s actually going on in those areas where we are overwhelmed and, more important, develop our “no” “not now” muscle in service to what we really want – which is contentment. Ease. Happiness.

The Your Money or Your Life approach to enoughness in any realm is:

  • tracking flow
  • evaluating behavior in light of your dreams, goals and values
  • naturally shifting to a new state of immunity to “too muchness”.

And all in the openness of “no shame no blame”.  We can rage against the system. We can work tirelessly to change the system. Or we can question what Donella Meadows called “the goals of the system”. I where you are headed where you want to go? Is your too muchness behavior getting you the life you want? And if not, what can you do? This is rich territory for frugality. And freedom. And self-awareness. And being in a non-reactive state so if you want to challenge the system, you don’t burn yourself out while burning it up.

Please come to the class. There is room for everyone.


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