New Economy and New Normal

We’re going to be writing in months to come about the dinosaur economy (dying out but still dangerous) and the new economy, the shape of things to come, as described in a recent article (link below). Disoriented and scared, many people are madly looking for a new winning formula – a new way to make money on their money, a new way to be secure and to profit, a new way to make the old way work. Our view is that the smart money is on Your Money or Your Life like strategies: stopping at enough, diversifying your portfolio of talents and networks, investing in broadening your knowledge and useful skills, developing multiple income streams (not all yielding dollars, by the way), advocating for collective solutions to collective problems (like paying for sickness care).

The Mcclatchy News service published an article entitled A year after financial crisis, the consumer economy is dead. We believe it’s been dead for a long time, but kept on life support called credit cards, home equity loans and risky mortgages. Now those props are out of juice. We’re getting unplugged. Survival depends on new strategies.

Through this blog and the teleclasses we’ll be filling out the picture of how to flourish now. The first class on Discover your Enough Point is a foundational skill. If you don’t know how much is enough – of anything – you cannot make the transition from the consumer economy to the new economy. It doesn’t seem like a “financial strategy” but it is, because it engenders an elegant frugality that saves you money and time and stress.

Exciting times ahead for those willing to let go of the old moorings.


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