What is your “enough point”?

Goldilocks was right. There’s a place of pleasure where things aren’t too hot, aren’t too cold, but just right.

That “just rightness” is available to us in every domain of life, but it takes practice. Lots of it in a culture that says nothing and no one is ever enough. To call “too muchness” an addiction is to blame the victim of a culture of excess. We’re habituated, yes. But we can stop at enough. It’s neither easy nor obvious, but when you get the hang of it, you’ll want it always and everywhere. I want to share tools with you for doing that in my upcoming telecalss Discover your Enough Point. Teachers, therapists, writers, financial planners, leaders, coaches, public servants, workers, shoppers  and all people willing to grow will benefit. Here’s the skinny* The classes happen on the phone. No need to sit at a computer watching a screen.

* The classes will each be 1-hour of phone time. You will get a call in number and a unique-to-you pin number.

* Our phone calls will include some lecture, some discussion, some Q&A plus a unique opportunity to meet in small group with other classmates from around the world.

* For those on computers, we will have an instant message set up during the call and a Google Group for you to exchange ideas between calls.

* Between phone calls you will receive supplementary readings and videos and be invited to select one or more practices to actually DO what we are talking about.

* You will have a clear sense of your enough point in whatever life-habit you are trying to change and tools for identifying it.

* I will have the pleasure of your company and the pleasure of serving you. I will give this my all, guaranteed. I’m excited to have you join the class by emailing vickirobin[dot]1[at]gmail[dot]com.

* The first time teaching the Enough Point class the cost is $12/teaching hour or $48. Future classes will cost more.


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