What is money?

In just over a month, Sounds True, an audio production company, will release  a 2 CD set of me speaking the philosophy and practical steps of Your Money or Your Life. I hope you’ll all buy it as it reflects my 20 years of teaching the program. They asked me to respond to a few questions to post on their website – guideposts for people perplexed about their relationship with money. Here’s my answer to “What is money?”:

Money is endlessly fascinating because Continue reading


What do 10 year olds know about money?

I’ve been asked to teach with my friend Bev at a Soroptomist’s  day camp for girls this week, so I’m wondering how Your Money or Your Life translates for pre-teens. I don’t imagine they understand much about “personal finance”, but Bev and I are betting they can become aware through some games and skits of the money messages they are picking up at home and through advertising.

Any of us can become aware in this way. What did you learn about money from what your parents said about it? Or didn’t say? How they behaved with money? How they used money with you? Here’s a great Continue reading

Ode to a Broken Toaster

From time to time I like giving you a glimpse of Joe Dominguez, the originator of the 9-step program in Your Money or Your Life. We were aware from the mid-80’s that over-consumption isn’t just a personal problem. It’s planetary. The Ecological Footprint is a reliable and respected measurement that shows that we are in eco-debt – in fact, we’re spending down the resources of the planet. In response to that, Joe, a mechanical engineer by training and a Mr. Fix-it by avocation, wrote the following Ode to a Broken Toaster nearly 20 years ago: Continue reading