Trailer for new movie on money

Katie Teague interviewed me for her film in progress Current-Sea Change. Much of what I say is in YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE.


Which web-based tracking programs do you recommend?

A woman emailed yesterday to ask if we could recommend any web-based programs to track spending.  Vicki addressed this issue in an earlier blog post entitled “Tools to Track By” which cites a Christian Science Monitor article that discusses a few of the various sites.  I was also interviewed on National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered” a few weeks ago on this topic.  The most popular of the sites is  Continue reading

Debt-free! Showing off or showing the way?

Everyone who does the 9-step program Your Money or Your Life and reaches their “debt crossover point” – retiring their last penny of debt including mortgage – experiences a freedom beyond description. A lightness of being. A release as the shackles come off and they realize their future is theirs, not the bank’s.

The question is: does celebrating this life passage with your friends (as you would a wedding or graduation) seem like gloating when everyone else is entangled in webs of debt Continue reading

“How long does it take to reach FI?” and other recent inquiries

Vicki and I just finished answering questions for a blog interview with Tight-Fisted Miser and thought we’d share our responses with you:  

What makes Your Money or Your Life different from most personal finance books?  There are three big differences.  First of all, most financial advice assumes that “more is always better” – more income,  more status, and more stuff.  Your Money or Your Life is different because it helps you instead to answer the question, “How much is enough?” This is a radical shift Continue reading

Frugal. Simple. Sustainable. Not always the same.

Nothing like moving to hold a Your Money or Your Life Step One mirror up to reflect one’s mountains of possessions. Step One is where you put a $$$ value on all your stuff. To do so, you have to look at each of your things – all (tens of) thousands of them. I know. I just did it, and it reflected back the three faces of my shopping personality: simplicity, frugality and sustainability. They aren’t exactly the same. Continue reading