“Your Money or Your Life changed my life…”

Here are some gems from recent emails. Individual identities are left off but the sentiments are so universal they bear sharing…

“We first read Your Money or Your Life four years ago and it changed our lives. Since we have already started on the path to financial independence, we find that our lives haven’t been effected as greatly by the economics of the day. Since we were already living on just a little over half of just one salary, our shopping habits and lifestyle haven’t had to change. Plus, we did it voluntarily back then which makes the whole process empowering. People right now are faced with downshifting from elaborate lifestyles involuntarily and they are lost, confused and angry. But with your help we think they could put themselves on the right path and recover their self images.”

Here’s another…

“You must hear this all the time, but YMOYL changed my life! I’d read dozens of financial books before, but It wasn’t until I was made to quantify how much of my life energy was going into each and every purchase I made that the light bulb actually went off. I think the most satisfying change has been that my desire to accumulate things has all but completely gone away….I never considered myself a materialistic person, and yet. All that stuff!”
These stories are important. They carry the spirit of discovery and empowerment  that comes from following this program. Especially in this crunch time the FI approach is a ray of hope – not just for surviving but for thriving.

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