How YMoYL is helping people cope with changing times

I was on Fred Andrle’s NPR interview show in Columbus Ohio today and a listeners email so touched me I asked permission to share it with you:

Thank you for today’s guest. I am deeply grateful to have read her book earlier this year. I learned last week that I have been laid off, effective at the end of the month. For most of us, the only way we’ll get through these tough times is to reevaluate our relationship with money and with things. Had I not read Your Money or Your Life, I’m not sure I could handle the coming weeks or months with the grace and strength I intend to bring to them.

Another listener wrote in she and her husband had reconsidered their life energy investment in two jobs that happened to put them in different cities during the week. They decided that being together and having those priceless moments of daily life together was much more important that building dual careers, and chose to extend the time to FI in favor of HI (happily interdependent).

Hearing these stories – and your stories – are like beacons in the night, helping me and us to orient our speaking and writing and service towards what matters most. And in this time of recession, what matters most seems to be family, friends, health, community and taking time for self reflection. I was glad to hear from these guests how the YMOYL approach is leading them to greater sanity.


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