Crunching the Numbers

For savers brave enough to review their recent investment statements, it has been a lost decade. With the booms and busts we have all lived through, money you invested in the stock market has earned you nothing, or less, in the past ten years. If it were not for the tax benefit you receive when investing in your 401k or 403b, many would have been better off keeping their money under their mattresses. Continue reading


Now in vogue: Saving… says Standard and Poors!

Savings? You heard it here first. Well, you heard it from Your Money or Your Life – again and again. Stand still long enough and the world does come back to your door. Saving money – living within your means – is making a comeback. For me it never left, but Continue reading

Lift off

My community here on Whidbey Island blew a big gust of wind in my sails on Thursday. 75 people filled Thomas Berry Hall at the Whidbey Institute to hear my stories about Joe and the seminar and the book and my decade of work trying to pry Americans fingers off the “joy stick” of consumerism. I stepped onto the stage and started to cry – oh well. Continue reading